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Compare the all new units from our Northeast Dealers.Visit 50+ RV related Vendors including campgrounds, RV repair, storage and service.
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Quick Info

February 17, 18, 19, 20, 2017
Rockland Community College Field House
Suffern, New York

Show Hours:
Friday: 12pm to 9pm
Saturday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday:10am to 6pm
Monday: 10am to 6pm

43rd Northeast RV Show
New RV Product Show

February 17, 18, 19, 20, 2017
Rockland Community College Field House
Suffern, New York

Motorhomes - Travel Trailers - 5th Wheels - Hybrids - Camper Vans plus Campgrounds and
RV Related Services.

Compare new units from our participating Northeast Dealer at the Northeast RV Show. Visit 50+ RV related Vendors including campgrounds, RV repair, storage and service.

Attendee Information

• Types of Units Scheduled to be on Display: (see individual model listing prior to event) Gas/Diesel Motorhomes (A-B-C)- Travel Trailers - 5th Wheels - Hybrids - Toyhaulers plus Campgrounds and RV Related Services. Compare the all new units from Northeast dealers along with 50+ RV related vendors including rv repair, storage and service.

• Show Hours

February 17th
February 18th
February 19th
February 20th
12 pm to 9 pm
10am to 8 pm
10am to 6 pm
10am to 6 pm

• Admission at the Door Only (Cash Only):
Adult $10.00
Junior $3.00 (between 10-15yrs)
Children under 10 FREE when accompanied by a parent

Ticket Sales - Closing Notice: please be advised that show ticket sales will end (1) one hour prior to show's scheduled closing. No public admission allowed after this time in order to secure the event in a timely and safe exiting manner.

NO PETS ALLOWED - Pets are not permitted in the show except for registered service animals.

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• Free Parking: Over 2000 spaces in campus parking areas

• RV Models scheduled to be on display for 2017:

ARV720+0+2T3.5K 26'
ATC8528+0+2T5.2K 34'

Apex 288BH TT
Apex 300BH TT
Apex 215RBK TT
Apex 250RL TT
Apex 191RBS TT
Apex 193BH TT
Catalina 291 TT
Catalina 22 RETS TT
Catalina 39FKTS TT

Cruiser RV:
Radiance 30DS TT
Radiance 23RB TT

Forest River:
Georgetown 36B A 38', 3 slides
Georgetown 369XL A 38' , 2 slides
Georgetown 30X A 32', 2 slides
Forester 2401WS C 25', 2 slides
Forester 3011DS C 32', 2 slides
R-Pod 179 TT 20', 2 slides
R-Pod 180 TT 20', 2 slides
Surveyor 322BHLE TT 37', 3 slides
Surveyor 2950BLE TT 33', 2 slides
Surveyor 200MMBLE TT 24'
Surveyor 265RLDS TT
Rockwood 8298WS FW 33'11", 3 slides
Sunseeker 2860DSF MH 30'9", 2 slides
Sunseeker 3170DSF MH 32'3", 2 slides
Sunseeker 2390FTD MH 20' 4"
Sunseeker 2800QSF MH 30' 4", 4 slides
Rockwood Roo RV1A TT
Rockwood 2509S TT 25' 9", 1 slide

Grand Design:
Reflection 337RLS 5W 37', 3 slides
Momentum 327M 5W 36', 2 slides
Momentum 376 5W 41'
Imagine 2600RB TT 32' 2 slides
Imagine 2950RL TT 34', 2 slides

Aktio B 20'

Jay Flight 195RB TT 21' 8"
Eagle 27.5HT 30' 11"FW , 3 slides
Hummingbird 17RK 19' 9"TT , 1 slide
Jay Flight 284BHSW 33'5"TT , 1 slide
Red Hawk 31XL 32'5" C, 2 slides
Grey Hawk 30X 32'6" C, 1 slide
Canyon Star 3710 37'11" A, 2 slides
Jay Feather23BHM TT

Springer K353 FW 39'
Springdale 38BH TT 39', 2 slides
Springdale SM1756 TT
Springdale Mini 1800GH TT
Summerland 1750 RD TT 22'
Sprinter 332DEN TT 37', 4 slides

Sprinter 353 DEN FW
Cougar 33MLS TT 36' 2", 3 slides
Passport 23RB 26' 3" TT, 1 slide
Passport 217EX 24'11" TT, 1 slide
Passport 2670BH 30' 6" TT, 1 slide
Passport 153ML TT
Outback 325BH 37'5" TT, 2 slides
Outback 328RL 37'4" TT, 3 slides
Laredo 333BH TT
Laredo 335MK TT
Laredo 298RLS FW

Durango 382MBQ Gold FW 40' 4", 4 slides, back porch
Durango 292BHT FW 35' 11", 3 slides
Connect Sportsmen 312BHK TT 35'6", 2 slides
Classic 181BH TT 20'6", 1 slide
Connect 241RLK TT 30', 1 slide

Leisure Travel:
Twin Bed C 25'

Ventana LE 3436 A, 3 slides

Canyon Star 3710 37'11" A, 2 slides

Ascent B 22'

Prime Time:

Crusader 319RKT 5W 35', 2 slides
Crusader 380MBH 42'
Crusader Lite 34MB FW
Avenger 27DBS TT 33', 2 slides
Avenger 26BU TT 29'
Tracer 244 TT 27'
Tracer 256 TT
Lacrosse 330RST TT 38", 3 slides

Vienna MB C 25', 1 slide

Retro 199FK TT 26', 2 slides
Retro 177SE TT 19'

Simplicity SRT B 20'
190 Popular B 21'

AR-ONE 27BHS TT 32', 1 slide
Autumn Ridge SCS24BHU TT
Mini Autumn Ridge 15RB TT
Launch 16RB TT 23'
Comet 16KS TT 21', 1 slide
Comet 18DS TT 21', 1 slide

Chateau 28Z C 29'
Chateau 22B C 25', 2 slides
Quantum WS31 C 32', 2 slides

Phaeton 440H A Diesel 45', 4 slides
Allegro Red 38QRA A Diesel 40', 4 slides
Allegro 34PA A 36', 4 slides

Van Leigh:
Vilano 365RL 5W 39', 3 slides

Plus Yamaha waverunners and boats ....

Plus the following vehicles:
Nissan Titan Gas
Nissan NV Passenger
Nissan Titan XD V8 Diesel
Ram 2500 Powerwagon Pickup
Chrysler Pacifica MiniVan
Jeep Wrangler 4Dr

• Types of related products: good selection of northeast campgrounds/attractions, insurance/financial services, RV repair/service/storage, cookware. Limited RV specialty parts and more.

• More Information: call 845-343-2772


• Invited to Exhibit: Area dealers of recreational vehicles or in the hundreds of related products and services used by RV owners.

• No labor restrictions: The arena will allow exhibitors to unload their exhibit materials themselves and to erect their own display. Management will have an official show decorator firm available for those who wish to rent booth furnishings. This option is solely at the choice of the exhibitor.

• Rockland Community College Field House: The arena is a 90,000 square foot heated, lighted comfort controlled indoor building where everyone parks free. There are no pillars or obstructions on the arena floor. Easy access in and out of the building by way of overhead doors. In addition to the main exhibitor floor, there is a balcony and entry lobby area for 10'x10' vendor booths.

• Strong Advertising Campaign: Advertising will be through regional cable television stations; a massive newspaper display campaign; internet (including email blasts); plus dealer discount admission promotion and direct mailing to past attendees.

• Exhibitor Advantages: Drive in unloading, clear span arena, no pillars, no hassle atmosphere (work directly with show management), low cost electric service, pressure wash service (road film) on move in, overnight security, broadloom carpeted show aisles, pipe/drape exhibitor booth dividers (10'x10'), exhibitor booth identification sign, no labor restrictions, large overhead doors (max. height 12'4"), located near major highways.

• Presidents' Weekend: Excellent weekend with a proven attendance plus right location with maximum exposure for your product.

• Meet more customers face to face than in any other type of promotion! Achieve superb exposure and a year's worth of solid leads. Most cost effective method of increasing your market share!

• Pricing/Booth Availability: Contact David McCarey at 800-223-4648 or 845-343-2772